PubMed日本語 - Noninsulinを使用している2型糖尿病患者における血糖の自己点検:正常な答え、しかし、間違った質問:血糖の自己点検は、非インシュリン使用者のために臨床的に貴重でありえる。―QLifePro医療翻訳医療翻訳 QLifePro


Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose in Noninsulin-Using Type 2 Diabetic Patients: Right answer, but wrong question: self-monitoring of blood glucose can be clinically valuable for noninsulin users.


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William H Polonsky, Lawrence Fisher


Corresponding author: William H. Polonsky,


Given the importance of glycemic control in the development of diabetes complications, the plethora of tools now available to monitor the day-to-day trends in glycemia is remarkable. In this regard, self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) has been considered a key component of patient management. Arguably, there remains almost universal agreement that SMBG should be available to all diabetic patients regardless of current treatment strategy. However, recently there have been reports that have challenged the current paradigm that all patients should use SMBG and concluded that SMBG for type 2 diabetic patients not on insulin may not be beneficial on glycemic control and must be weighed against the expense and inconvenience. In the counterpoint narrative following the contribution by Malanda et al., Drs. Polonsky and Fisher provide a compelling argument suggesting that while it is evident that implementing SMBG in unstructured ways without training patients and clinicians is likely to be a waste of resources, there are effective and powerful ways to use structured SMBG in insulin-naïve type 2 diabetic patients. -William T. Cefalu, md Editor in Chief, Diabetes Care.


訓練患者と臨床医なしで構造化されていない方向でSMBGを実装することが資源の浪費でありそうであることが明白な間、インシュリン-naïve 2型糖尿病患者で構造SMBGを使用する有効および強力な方法があることを示唆している説得力のある議論を、ポロンスキーとフィッシャーは提供する。
-ウィリアムT. Cefalu、md編集長、糖尿病治療。

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