PubMed日本語 - Laryngeal Mask Supremeの挿入のために、呼気終末のセボフルラン濃度を予測した:前向きな観察研究。―QLifePro医療翻訳医療翻訳 QLifePro


Predicted end-tidal sevoflurane concentration for insertion of a Laryngeal Mask Supreme: A prospective observational study.

Laryngeal Mask Supremeの挿入のために、呼気終末のセボフルラン濃度を予測した:前向きな観察研究。

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Matilde Zaballos, Emilia Bastida, Consolación Jiménez, Salomé Agustí, M Teresa López-Gil


From the Department of Toxicology, Complutense University (MZ), Department of Anaesthesiology, Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, Spain (MZ, EB, CJ, SA, MTL-G).


CONTEXT: The single-use Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) Supreme is a new supraglottic airway device. It has been reported to be reliable and easy-to-use in clinical practice; however, the anaesthetic techniques for its insertion are not standardised.


OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to determine the ED50 of end-tidal sevoflurane concentration for successful LMA Supreme insertion without the use of neuromuscular blockade.


DESIGN: A prospective observational study.


SETTING: A single tertiary care surgical centre.


PATIENTS: Thirty-one consecutive elective patients scheduled for minor elective surgery under general anaesthesia.


INTERVENTION: Patients were preoxygenated with 100% oxygen and anaesthetised using normal tidal volume inhalation of sevoflurane. The target sevoflurane concentration was determined using a modified Dixon's 'up-and-down' method (starting at 2.5% with 0.5% as the step size). After the predetermined end-tidal concentration had been established and maintained for 10 min, LMA Supreme insertion was attempted.


MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: The main outcome measure was the patient's response to LMA Supreme insertion, classified as either 'movement' or 'no movement'. The mean of the concentrations of seven cross-overs from 'movement' to 'no movement' was used to estimate the ED50.


RESULTS: The estimated sevoflurane concentration for successful LMA Supreme insertion in 50% of adults was 3.03 ± 0.75% (95% confidence interval 2.3 to 3.7%). The values of the ET50 and ET95 obtained by logistic regression were 2.83 and 5.30%, respectively.


CONCLUSION: Sevoflurane alone can provide acceptable conditions for insertion of the LMA Supreme in adults, at an estimated minimum alveolar anaesthetic concentration of 3% with minimal adverse effects.


脈絡:使い捨てのLaryngeal Mask Airway(LMA)最高、新しい声門上の気道は、装置である。
目的本研究の目的は、神経筋遮断を用いない成功したLMA Supreme挿入のための呼気終末のセボフルラン濃度のED50を決定することである。
予め定められた呼気終末の濃度が10分の間確立および維持されたあと、LMA Supreme挿入は試みられた。
主な転帰尺度:主な転帰尺度はLMA Supreme挿入への患者の反応であった。
結果成人の50%への成功したLMA Supreme挿入のための推定されたセボフルラン濃度は、3.03±0.75%(95%信頼区間2.3~3.7%)であった。
結論微小副作用による3%の推定された最小肺胞濃度で、セボフルラン単独は受け入れられる条件をLMA Supremeの成人への挿入に提供することができる。

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