PubMed日本語 - コンピュータで、そして、生体外で、Rigidoporus sp.原油の物理化学的なスクリーニングは、合成着色料 ― 費用効果的な酵素ベースの改善方法のためのアプローチ ― の脱色をラッカーゼ助けた。―QLifePro医療翻訳医療翻訳 QLifePro


In silico and in vitro physicochemical screening of Rigidoporus sp. crude laccase-assisted decolorization of synthetic dyes--approaches for a cost-effective enzyme-based remediation methodology.

コンピュータで、そして、生体外で、Rigidoporus sp.原油の物理化学的なスクリーニングは、合成着色料 ― 費用効果的な酵素ベースの改善方法のためのアプローチ ― の脱色をラッカーゼ助けた。

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S Sridhar, V Chinnathambi, P Arumugam, P K Suresh


R&D Division, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


The objective of this paper is to compare in silico data with wet lab physicochemical properties of crude laccase enzyme isolated from Rigidoporus sp. using wheat bran as solid substrate support towards dye decolorization. Molecular docking analysis of selected nine textile and non-textile dyes were performed using laccase from Rigidoporus lignosus as reference protein. Enzyme-based remediation methodology using crude enzyme enriched from solid state fermentation was applied to screen the effect of four influencing variables such as pH, temperature, dye concentration, and incubation time toward dye decolorization. The extracellular crude enzyme decolorized 69.8 % Acid Blue 113, 45.07 % Reactive Blue 19, 36.61 % Reactive Orange 122, 30.55 % Acid Red 88, 24.59 % Direct Blue 14, 18.48 % Reactive Black B, 16.49 % Reactive Blue RGB, and 11.66 % Acid Blue 9 at 100 mg/l dye concentration at their optimal pH at room temperature under static and dark conditions after 1 h of incubation without addition of any externally added mediators. Our wet lab studies approach, barring other factors, validate in silico for screening and ranking textile dyes based on their proximity to the T1 site. We are reporting for the first time a combinatorial approach involving in silico methods and wet lab-based crude laccase-mediated dye decolorization without any external mediators.


本論文の目的は、コンピュータでデータを染料脱色の方の固体基板サポートとして小麦ふすまを用いたRigidoporus sp.から分離される天然ラッカーゼ酵素の湿式の研究室物理化学的な特性と比較することである。
選択された9つの織物と非繊維染料の分子ドッキング分析は、比較蛋白質としてRigidoporus lignosusからラッカーゼを使用して行われた。

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